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The DT Advantage: Advice and Analysis

Even self-directed, self-educated traders profit from outside analysis and advice.  Investment newsletters, business and investment press, countless online sources, even investment firms’ sales pitches can power your strategy with:

  • coverage - analysts and specialist firms dig into markets you barely have time to skim
  • contrarian strategies - popular advice creates demand, creating investment opportunities when the crowd gets in, and when they get out
  • opposing views - does your strategy hold up against an analyst's contrary advice? You'll want to know.
  • outside-the-box ideas - is there an oil and gas futures idea you can apply in currency markets? Reading outside your specialty can pay off.

DIRECT TRADE offers fresh research daily and exclusively to DIRECT TRADE clients. Our news feeds tap into the greatest mind of finance with over 5,000 news stories at your fingertips, available real-time with every account. But don't stop there - a whole world of investment ideas is waiting to shape, test and power your trading strategy.

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* Please note there is a risk of loss in futures trading.


No trader has the time to keep up with even a fraction of the investment advice that's published every day. One approach is to check the track records of analysts in your area of interest - end-of-year reviews in the financial press are a good source. Then find a few you have confidence in. Use DIRECT TRADE's demonstration trading tool to follow their advice "live", and see if it feels right in action.

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**There is a substantial risk of loss in trading futures and options. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

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