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The DT Advantage: Education

For experienced traders, investor education is a lifelong commitment - for new traders, it’s an essential first step.  There’s so much information available - much of it free - that sorting it all out can be a big challenge.  DIRECT TRADE recommends a balanced approach:

  • short- and long-term - you'll want the latest news and quotes real-time as you trade. But balance it with long-term educational and strategy materials you can spend time with
  • brokerage and independent - education from your brokerage is a helpful service. But be sure to sample independent viewpoints from books, magazines, and online resources
  • theory and practice - learn how markets and strategies interact. But balance theory with practical training, to get the full benefit from the trading tools you control
  • research and personal instruction - self-directed investors enjoy self-directed research. But don't neglect classes and one-on-one instruction for the individual guidance only they can provide

From up-to-the-second news and regularly updated research and educational materials, count on DIRECT TRADE's Research and Education services as the core of your personal educational program.

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Balance is the key - DIRECT TRADE's Research and Education services are conveniently organized to be just a click away - but never in the way of a trade

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