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In the News: From our Clients

Here's what DIRECT TRADE Clients are saying about our services:

Please note there is a risk of loss in futures trading. In addition, the below stated testimonials may not necessarily be indicative of all clients' trading experiences.

  • M.D. from Ontario, Canada:
    "... having used other companies, I have found DIRECT TRADE to be superior to all of them."
  • F.L. from Austin, TX:
    "... it is the best program I have ever seen. Also, you guys have a great tech team!"
  • R.P. from Fremont, CA:
    "My fills on the mini's are instantaneous and I can always quickly and easily access the details of my account."
  • A.T. from Newark, NJ:
    "Thank you, you guys are awesome and your web site is such an awesome trading tool!"

If DIRECT TRADE has helped you implement a profitable strategy or given consistently solid execution, please tell us about it - and let us know if we may post your comments here.

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Privacy Policy

**There is a substantial risk of loss in trading futures and options. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

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