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The DT Advantage: Multiple Platforms

At DIRECT TRADE, we offer two proprietary and custom trading platforms. We provide two platforms because we realize there are technological benefits to having a software-based platform and a web-based platform. What makes this a technological achievement, is that both platforms incorporate and utilize the same trading engine and back-end interface. In summary, if you trade on the software platform or on the web platform, you will be able to see, view, and act on the exact same information (real-time account balances, margining, trades, positions, etc). You can trade with either platform or both. You can call our trade desk (24 hours a day), and they can modify or place trades that you will see on both platforms as well.

Even in a world of risk, volatile markets, and fast paced changes in technology, it is nice to know that you have a choice:

  • Firetip Trading Platform - The Firetip Trading Platform is a software based trading application. The Firetip is available for virtually all popular operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc). The benefit of a software based application is the ability to give you, the end user, more customizable control of your trading. You can "point and click" to instantly execute trades -- as you watch market prices, your custom charts, and your positions profit & losses dynamically update real-time. The Firetip Trading Platform incorporates the latest features in trading technology.
  • DT Online - DT Online is our web-based trading platform. It was one of the first web-based trading platforms on the market and has evolved into in our opinion one of the most, feature-rich trading platforms in the world. The benefit of a web-based platform is that you can log into it from any browser, any time, anywhere in the world. You do not need to download and install software to trade from it.

    If you want to take a quick peek at your account balance or place a few trades and then logoff, then simply log into DT Online. If you plan to actively engage and trade the markets and want to see every update tick-by-tick, the log into the Firetip Trading Platform. We recognize that one technology alone can not possibly address every client's expectations. This is why we have over the past decade developed, in our opinion, two of the most sophisticated trading platforms in the industry.

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Check out our Online Account creation FAQ, call us at 800-345-2270, or contact our customer service team.

Please note there is a risk of loss in futures trading.

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Futures and options trading always involve risk. But DIRECT TRADE's experienced brokers can help you design and implement a risk-management strategy to match your investment goals. Just ask about broker-assisted and full-service options when you open your account.

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