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Success in futures and options means thinking clearly about risk. And while trading online offers compelling advantages for the self-directed trader, it also adds new risks to assess, plan against, and manage. Be sure to consider these:

  • Security - Will your financial information - especially account numbers, balances, passwords and authenticating personal information - stay private online? Look for people-, policy- and technology-based protection.

    And don't overlook the security of your trading strategies. You work hard to develop those ideas - make sure they stay under your control.
  • Availability - Will you be able to trade during a market spike or crisis, when everyone else is trying to get online? Is your brokerage defended against "denial-of-service" attacks and hackers?
  • Financial Loss - Futures and options trading is risky, and not for everyone. But don't take unnecessary risks using an unknown brokerage with little or no history and reputation.

DIRECT TRADE's high-performance execution strategy combines high-bandwidth exchange-side channels with plenty of spare processing power - up to 50 times normal capacity - for our Clients. And your trading platforms stay under your control for maximum security and availability through a breakout trading crisis or opportunity.

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**There is a substantial risk of loss in trading futures and options. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

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